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Qiangyue Casting is a fresh force in the precision casting industry, more than 80% technicians and management staff are skilled casting employees which were well trained by Mr. Shao himself and followed him and worked together for over 10 years. The experienced team is strong, stable and reliable.

We have our own tooling workshop, machining workshop and polishing workshop, can independently complete all production from mold making, casting to machining and polishing.

We have special equipment such as vacuum slurry dipping machine and vacuum heat treatment furnace, which enable us make complex, difficult and high requirement products. Even other foundries cannot do, Qiangyue can do for you!

We position ourselves high end casting factory, deeply work and constantly improve. We begin strict inspection on dimension from wax mould and pay special attention to detail and quality control in production. 100% inspection to finished products!

On cost control, spend what must spend and save what can save, which bring us reasonable pricing and competition of products.